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Volunteer videographer for childhood cancer charity event

What needs to get done

We need a volunteer videographer to film and produce a high quality video suitable for sharing of our biggest charity fundraiser of the year, the OPACC Hearts of Gold Gala.

How your contribution will help

The proceeds from the Gala will benefit our programs and services for childhood cancer families throughout Ontario. We need a video to capture and help us market future events so people see what it's all about and are motivated to attend and donate funds to this worthy charitable cause.

What you will get out of it

We will be sure to acknowledge your contributions online both before and after the gala via our gala website and our social media accounts, credit your video to your name and link to your website every time the video is shared online, and provide acknowledgement during the event itself where you will also be able to take your business cards and network with potential future customers.

About Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer (OPACC)

Barrie, CA

Skill needed

Media Production

Application deadline

Sep 18, 2020 @ 8:59 pm


Vaughan, CA

Hours needed

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