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Interior design for a shared office space

What needs to get done

Later this year we will be moving into a new office, which is part of a larger office - essentially we will start sharing an open office space with 2 other organisations.

We would like to carve out a space that is undeniably ours, make it comfy, inspiring and adapted to flexible working - all on a budget.

We will need to accommodate desks, storage and a meeting pod. We might be looking to re-use some furniture from our current office.

How your contribution will help

As we are adapting to the new realities of virtual events and flexible working hours, we would like to do it in a comfortable and practical environment. We would also love to see our working space reflect our commitment to raising funds for world class research in women's health spark engaging conversations around some of these taboo issues.

What you will get out of it

Opportunity to see your design come to life and contribution to your portfolio.

About Wellbeing of Women

London, GB

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