Hi! Ask away, we are here to help.

For volunteers

How do I become part of the Fcancer Project community?
It’s simple, just click here, follow the instructions, and pledge hours!
Can I pledge to more than one charity?
Yes, as long as you don’t exceed the number of hours in your skills bank then as a volunteer you can pledge to as many charities as your time permits!
Is there a minimum or maximum amount of hours I can pledge?
Whilst there are no limits to the number of hours a volunteer can pledge we encourage our community members to pledge a realistic number of hours that can be fulfilled every year.
Do you need to be a certain age to pledge?
Volunteers can be of any age provided they have skills however we cannot guarantee toddlers will be accepted by our charities!
Can I volunteer remotely and do volunteers have to be based in the UK?
As a volunteer you can be based and pledge from anywhere provided that you are able to complete your pledged hours and the charity doesn’t require physical presence.
Whom do I contact if I have more questions about the initiative?
Each initiative will provide contact details for prospective volunteers in the event more information is required.
Can I choose which charities I would like to work with?
Yes, this is the whole point of the Fcancer Project. We provide volunteers with the ability to pledge their skills to cancer charities and initiatives of their choosing. Think dating site but for skills!
Whom do I contact if I have any questions or problems with the website?
Please drop us an email at info@fcancer.org should you have any issues with the website and we will come back to you in short order.

For charities

How do we upload a project?
It's really simple, just sign up as a charity and follow the instructions to create a project!
How do i see which volunteers have pledged skill hours?
You will be notified by email and once you login to your profile on the site of all pledged skills hours. Its then up to your charity or initiative to connect with each volunteer.
What are the skills that the volunteers donate?
The type of skills that volunteers can donate is broad ranging and covers creative skills such as design, to culinary expertise, to sports professionals to graphic design!
Can we contact the volunteers directly or do we do that through the website?
The Fcancer Project facilitates the initial contact between initiatives and volunteers. Once the initial connection has been made it is up to the Charity or initiative to contact the volunteer via the website or directly.
What happens if we need skills that are not listed on your website?
We aim to cover most skill sets however if your initiative or charity has the need for a skill that isn’t listed on the platform then please reach out to us at info@fcancer.org and we will add it to the list.
Do the staff of the Fcancer Project check the volunteers?
We ensure that our users are who they say they are but we leave it up to each charity to screen the quality and applicability of the skills pledged
Are all the services free?
Yes, we are a registered charity and do not charge either volunteers or charities for using our services. In addition volunteers skills pledged is by definition free to the Fcancer Project members.
Can we contact the Fcancer Project if we need a volunteer immediately?
We encourage our charity members to use the platform to find volunteers however should there arise an urgent situation then as a community member a charity can always contact us at info@fcancer.org.
Is there any limit in terms of the initiatives we can upload?
No, charities can upload as many or as little initiatives as their demand requires.

Still have questions?

Just send an email to info@fcancer.org!