A cancer charity
seeks an amazing snapper
to take pictures of their fundraising event…

…but money is tight…

The charity posts
a photography project*
on the raddest site of all:
F to the Cancer . org

*It very well could have been a project
in need of a lawyer, dancer, accountant,
designer and so on…

You, a genius photographer,
want to donate a few hours of your skill
to a cancer charity.

You apply to
be matched with
said charity looking for
a photographer.

The charity sees your pledge,
accepts it and…
B O O M !
…a match is made.

You get recognition, a portfolio, and the warm-and-fuzzies.
The charity has a toast in your honor.

It’s a win-win!

Join as a Volunteer!
If you are a charity, email us at info@fcancer.org to get started!