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One For The Boys

About us

Cancer isn’t all pink ribbons; it’s a man’s problem too

One For The Boys works to improve cancer survival rates for men. Our mission is to give men a voice for their health by raising awareness and improving education around all types of cancers that can affect men, and advocating for their well-being by removing stigmas around talking about men's health and seeking help.

More men die from cancer than women. A man dies from cancer every 6 minutes in the UK alone.

All too often, guys feel they have to tough it out and ignore all those little pains or bits of discomfort. But those could be warning signs that make all the difference. The idea that speaking about your health or going to the doctor isn't the 'manly' thing to do is so outdated. It's time for a change.

Most cancers are treatable if they're caught early enough, so there's really no time to waste in getting checked. You know your body better than anybody, so if something doesn't seem quite right, listen to what it's trying to tell you and go to a doctor.

One For The Boys is here to get men talking about their health and in the know about all male cancers - not just testicular and prostate cancer - but mouth cancer, bowel cancer, kidney cancer, even breast cancer. There are so many cancers that can affect men, which is why we work specialists and health providers, to make sure you know what to look out for and can get the help you need, when you need it.

Let's work together to man up, get involved, and unite to save lives from cancer. This is One For The Boys.

The One For The Boys campaign raises money for its charitable arm OFTB Unite. OFTB Unite uses funds raised to help further cancer educations and help those experiencing cancer through areas such as:

- GP Education Days

- Education research and lobbying

- Education programmes in high-risk areas

- Screening campaigns

- Cancer champions for communities

- Awareness drives

- Experiences for cancer patients

- Mental health support for cancer patients and survivors

- Support for loved ones

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