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The Global Brain Cancer Alliance

About us

The Global Brain Cancer Alliance is a startup disruptive network platform, aimed at accelerating research for a cure for brain cancer. The alliance consists of some of the world's most pre-eminent brain cancer scientists and clinicians, as well as leading brain cancer charities. Currently still in its early stages, the founding member organisations are based in the US, Australia, and China, with strong and developing links in many other countries.

Brain cancer kills more children than any other cancer. It is also one of the leading cause of cancer death in adults aged under 40. Brain cancer has a very high mortality rate, and survival rates have hardly changed for 30 years. By working together across geographical borders and disciplines, we hope to accelerate research and improve outcomes for patients and their families.

As a startup, we have no reliable ongoing funding and therefore support by fcancer volunteers is greatly appreciated.

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Graphic DesignThe Global Brain Cancer Alliance is a startup global network/platform, and needs a logo urgently in …10

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