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Children's Cause for Cancer Advocacy

About us

Children's Cause for Cancer Advocacy (CCCA) is a leading national nonprofit organization working since 1999 to achieve more rapid access to less toxic and more effective therapies; to expand resources for childhood cancer research and care; and to address the needs and challenges of childhood cancer survivors and their families. Our volunteers make The Children's Cause is the strong advocacy and policy voice for children with cancer in national debates on research, new therapy development and health care reform. We help volunteers give voice to their support. Join our cause!

Current projects

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CampaignsWe are a non-profit charity addressing children's cancer focused on public policy advocacy (influenc…12
Film and Motion PicturesChildren's Cause - a childhood cancer charity - is having a "Jazz in June" event in Washington, D.C.…6
PhotographyWe would like a photographer to capture the people and moments of our fundraiser at our Jazz in June…2

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