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Chemo Comfort

About us

Chemo Comfort is an all-volunteer run 501 (c) 3 organization founded by a two-time breast cancer survivor. The organization distributes kits filled with products to help manage nausea, mouth sores and hair loss, among other side effects of chemotherapy. There are also “feel good” items such as a sleep cap, warm socks, meditation CD, book, journal and helpful hints from the founder about combatting side effects of chemo.

Chemo Comfort has a three-tiered program to distribute kits to cancer patients. Kits are donated through partner cancer organizations and hospitals; subsidized kits are available to cancer patients nationwide for a minimal donation; and there is a gift kit program. Approximately 75% of kits distributed annually are donated, primarily to patients in need within the greater New York area.

The organization’s mission comes from the founder’s personal experience:

“Starting chemotherapy is a frightening experience. We are saying to patients ‘Here is a box of tools put together by someone who’s been there. Know that you are not alone and these tools will help you take care of yourself during this difficult journey.’ ” Anne Marie Paolucci, Founder