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Deep South Cancer Foundation

About us

The Deep South Cancer Foundation exists to overcome the everyday barriers that cancer creates. Through strategic partnerships on the local level, we are able to provide simple and direct solutions for easy access to needed resources.

We believe people should not have to make the choice between everyday life and fighting cancer. Having access to resources that facilitate transportation, parking, lodging, and food empowers individuals to fight. Without these resources it is difficult to concentrate on what matters most--beating cancer.

Current projects

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Completed projects

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Graphic DesignWe need an event poster for Cycliad 2017, a series of cycling events in the Deep South this spring. …3
Graphic DesignI need someone to create an image of a scale which will represent the reported cost of cancer (i.e. …2
Graphic DesignWe need a visual/illustration (not logo) to explain our "Solution": "The Deep South Cancer Foundatio…2
Graphic DesignWe run a 10 Mile Brunch Crawl through downtown Birmingham, AL USA which is a fundraiser for support …3
Graphic DesignWe need help creating a map of our cycling routes for Magic City Cycliad to be used in promotional m…7
Graphic DesignWe need help creating a map to show the route for a 10 mile bicycle ride fundraiser!…4