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The Foundation for Living Beauty

About us

In 2019, more than 890,000 women in the United States were diagnosed with cancer. Hospitals are beginning to acknowledge the importance of treating the whole person and are incorporating integrative wellness centers that offer complimentary therapies. Recognizing this need since 2005, the Foundation for Living Beauty exists to educate, uplift and empower women with cancer by providing women with opportunities to explore wellness and healing modalities in a peaceful environment while developing a sense of community with other women along the same path. We are driven by the understanding that the challenges women have to overcome on their cancer journeys are complex and multifaceted. With this in mind, programs are specifically designed to facilitate the healing of an individual as a whole: mind, body and spirit. We offer workshops, day and overnight retreats, educational seminars, sisterhood support events, and one-on-one sessions focused on different integrative healing practices. The Foundation for Living Beauty aims to be a source of healing, education, and support for women with cancer. The team at Living Beauty works to address a common problem for many women on their cancer journey: the desire to combine their traditional medical treatment with more alternative treatment options that address all aspects of a patient’s life. We aim to offer support for our “Living Beauties” that gives them the tools and empowers them to aid in their continued healing no matter where they are on their cancer journey or what challenges they may be facing at any given time related to their cancer experience.

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PhotographyWe are urgently looking for a photographer to help us capture a private event on Thursday, 1st March…3
PhotographyThe Foundation for Living Beauty's Second Annual Golf Classic will be held on Monday, March 12 at An…9

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