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Beautiful Self.org

About us

Beautiful Self's mission is to empower breast cancer survivors and Stage IV fighters thrive in their new self. Beautiful Self recognizes the grueling and long-term term effects

of breast cancer and its treatment on the feminine psyche. Meaning, we assist women who are struggling with loving themselves in the aftermath, once the body leaves the survival mode and needs to return to whole, healthy mental health and well being.

Unfortunately, and all too often, breast cancer treatment leaves the feminine psyche battered, bruised and filled with self-loathing. The social, physical, psychology and sexual ramifications of treatment often result with a woman who no longer accepts herself as beautiful or whole. The sad outcome is a once productive woman that disengages, uncomfortable in her own skin.

Beautiful Self acknowledges each woman beyond what breast cancer has stripped from her. Through industry celebrated talent, mental health support, community outreach, education, sisterhood and great empathy. Beautiful Self executes a each session, using a

unique type of “photo-therapy” that introduces a struggling survivor to their lost spirit and beauty, while coaching them into renewed confidence and self-love.

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