Cure Kids: Art Day

What needs to get done

Art therapy is a key component of therapy for cancer patients. Cure: blood cancer's (CURE)founder, who is affected with an incurable blood cancer known as chronic lymphocytic leukaemia , considers her passion for art as a key component of her personal healing journey. Her love of art motivated her to share this passion with families affected by cancer in her local community. CURE KIDS: Art Day will be held in September which is blood cancer and childhood cancer awareness month. This is the second annual CURE KIDS: Art Day event and this year local Ottawa artist Christopher Griffin will collaborate with CURE. The image above is a collage of the items produced by the kids last year. This year they will be working with clay.

We are looking for a graphic designer to help with the logo and also marketing material for the event.

We are also looking for somebody with marketing experience to help promote the event via social media and other channels.

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Graphic Design



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