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The Matching Gifts Program of the NYC Chapter of LLS is a continuously growing source of revenue to help in our mission to cure blood cancers. From July 1, 2013 through April 30, 2014 alone, our fundraisers and donors secured over $700,000 through matching gifts programs at their companies. We are always trying to expand the Matching Gifts program and help educate our donors on this philanthropic partnership with their companies. This is where YOU can help!

We’re looking for a video designer to create a brief animated video for our Matching Gifts Program. The video should be about 45 seconds to 1:15 minutes max, provide the basic facts on Matching Gifts, and instructions on how to apply for a matching gift. Our inspiration came from Habitat for Humanity’s video which can be seen here:

We will supply you with LLS collateral as well as pertinent information about the program. To help you better understand what our Matching Gifts Program entails, we have included a link to our Matching Gifts FAQ:

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This project was completed by Chris Tilley! Woohoo!