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We are holding our Members Weekend from October 3-5 at Billing Aquadrome in Northamptonshire. We are looking for photographers and videographers to help capture the magic of this event.

We will have activities going on from Friday evening through until Sunday lunchtime and would really love to capture as much of the weekend as possible on film – we would love to have more than one photographer and videographer so that the task isn’t too onerous for one person. As we are a small charity, we have no photography budget for this so it would be amazing to have someone help us out in this way.

The images/film would be used on our website and to help promote the work of the charity in future. We would be happy to credit anyone willing to help out if and when possible.

We had around 300 members attending the last event in 2012 and are expecting the same number again this year. The focus of the weekend is to bring together our members who have all been affected by retinoblastoma, so that they may share experiences and make new friends, in a fun environment away from the hospital. It offers children with a vision impairment or artificial eye to be amongst others with similar challenges, reducing feelings of isolation which are sometimes felt through having a rare disease. The event is open to members of all ages, including adults who were affected by Rb as a child as well.

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Application deadline

Oct 2, 2014 @ 5:00 pm


Northampton, United Kingdom

Hours needed

This project was completed by Amy Lupton and angelo bonavita! Woohoo!