Photographer for workshops and seminars

What needs to get done

In 2015 we will be holding 4 seminars and 8 workshops and still counting. It is really nice for us to be able to have photographs taken of these in full flow and I am looking for a skilled photographer to capture the experience people have when they come along to these - especially our workshops. I have put 10 hours but it would really be up to the photographer to decide which events they could commit to - its a big ask to ask one person to do all of them and they are spread over the UK.

How your contribution will help

Helps massively with promoting further events and getting funds towards them as well. Photos tell a much better story than lots of narrative and we like to report back to those who fund us.

What you will get out of it

Being part of an incredible journey of people with cancer in a setting where they can share experiences, feel safe and get knowledge. We always ask if people don't mind being photographed and as yet have never been refused. People want to help us spread the word - you can help us do this in a really creative way.

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London, GB

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