Life Directory - help people with cancer find the options that are hidden from them

What needs to get done

Our Life>Directory is one of the best places for people with cancer to find out about therapies, practitioners and organisations who support people with cancer who want to take an integrative approach to their health. It is critical for us to ensure the integrity of this Directory and we need someone (or more than one) to keep it up to date. We have had a great volunteer helping us but her work commitments means she is taking a break for the summer. She is happy to talk through what is needed

How your contribution will help

When you get diagnosed with cancer, you cannot avoid going on the internet to find out what you can do to keep yourself healthy and alive. How do you know what's good, bad, indifferent from the pages and pages of information. By helping us create the very best Directory, people can have a one stop place to go to find the right information.

What you will get out of it

Knowing that you are part of a team really helping people with cancer. Getting the right information to them and helping grow the Directory as more and more things become available.

About Yes to Life

London, GB

Skill needed

Alternative Medicine



Hours needed

This project was completed by Johnna Loveland, alexandra du plessis, and Sarah Walford! Woohoo!