Design and Launch Online Fundraising Campaign

What needs to get done

1. Identify software options for website and social media donations.

2. Choose optimal software for implimentation

3. Adapt new software to Upstage Lung Cancer website and Social media platforms

4. Design user interface for website and social media-- be user friendly

5. Beta test new software on website and social media platforms

6. Launch new software

How your contribution will help

Currently Upstage Lung cancer, an all-volunteer organization- has no staff to build a major online donation mechanism. We are looking for someone with online philanthropy experience and would value a skilled volunteer to help us to successfully accomplish this project.

What you will get out of it

1. Impact on increasing the survivorship of lung cancer, the number one cancer killer.

2. Support a growing charity organization in achieving its mission.

3. Use his or her technical expertise to support a critical cause.

About Upstage Lung Cancer

Brookline, USA

Skill needed

Internet & Online Media

Application deadline

Jul 31, 2015 @ 8:59 pm



Hours needed