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web designer

What needs to get done

A complete 'do over!'

We had a lovely volunteer who created our website which is now old and tired and does not reflect who we are. We are the original cancer counseling program in the U.S.

We have much of the text but need someone with good design and a basic understanding of our patient work with cancer patients and health care professionals. Our hope is to create a site where people can obtain much needed info in this field, useful information in which they can begin to use immediately.

How your contribution will help

Since the death of our founder 7 years ago, and with an old and not updated website, we have lost great visibility. Although we have an excellent reputation in the field, patients can not find us easily. We work with patients in the U.S. and around the world and provide important help for improving cancer treatment outcomes --but with this problem we are unable to fulfill our mission.

What you will get out of it

Besides the satisfaction of helping a committed charity, you will get experience in a field you may know little about and name recognition for your help. Everyone who helps our organization becomes a 'team player' - we appreciate and recognize you as such. Your name will be listed as our web designer/

About Simonton Cancer Counseling Charitable Trust

Cornell, US

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Web Design


Cornell, US

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