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In Search of a SPECTACULAR UI/UX Developer

What needs to get done

Our website is build on a Wordpress CRM and we currently are in search of a person who is really good at UI/UX development.

Must have experience in:

* Wordpress

* Bootstrap


* Repsonsive and/or Adaptive Design

* Some Graphics


* Java Script

We do not have one project, we have many. We will pay for good work.

How your contribution will help

We need a available UI/UX developer who does outstanding work. We are always in need of UI work and all we need is a person who can get behind our cause and deliver amazing work. If we can find a UI/UX Developer who has a heart and can work on a deadline that would meant the world to us.

If you can not out right donate your time, it would be amazing if you could give us a discounted rate. We are not afraid of paying for services rendered...but it would be helpful to keep costs down.

What you will get out of it

1. You will get the good feeling that the work that you are doing is supporting a cause that could change the way that cancer is treated.

2. You will most likely make some dollars and have a loyal customer that will give you lots of work and recommendations.

About The Side-Out Foundation

Fairfax, US

Skill needed

Web Programming



Hours needed

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