Xmas Cards for Chemogiftbags.

What needs to get done

Hi Ladies/Gents.

Chemogiftbags is looking for someone please who can design an Xmas card for the charity. If this is appropriate to ask on here please?

It has to incorporate Pink Ribbons, have a festive feel to it and could be a pink Xmas Tree have the "Thinking Of You" "From People Who Care" and a chemogiftbag with items popping out of the bag. Or your interpretation of this. These cards when produced will then be added to every Chemogiftbag for this festive season 2016

How your contribution will help

Contribution to this project will help us as you will be spreading a little joy with an Xmas card. All our recipients welcome a Chemogiftbag and if some one would like to bid on this project you will see your design by our Chemogiftbags. Hence hopefully helping you in your design and the possibility of being on the website which is being produced. Giving value to the bidder.

What you will get out of it

As above.


This is our Facebook page.

Also on Twitter @ChemogiftbagsUK


Website .

Your design will be added to both the above on my timeline to.

About Chemogiftbags

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