Google Adwords: End-of-Year Giving

What needs to get done

Create 'Google Adwords' ads (with keywords for each ad) focusing on end-of-year giving. As we head towards year-end and our peak donation period, we're looking for a volunteer to help create 3 ads with 3 different messages to attract as broad a demographic as possible. The mission of Breast Wishes Fund is to offer choices for cancer treatment and prevention. To help you craft the correct messaging, you'll find more information about our organization on our website.

How your contribution will help

The final weeks of the year (and often December 31st itself!) are our peak donation times, and your work will help in many ways: raising awareness of Breast Wishes Fund, driving people to our website to find out more about all the resources we offer, and maximizing donations during this critical time.

What you will get out of it

You'll gain experience developing creative with very specific messaging, and for a very specific time-frame.

About Breast Wishes Fund

Santa Fe, US

Skill needed

Marketing & Advertising

Application deadline

Dec 19, 2016 @ 10:59 pm



Hours needed