Healthy Recipes for people with cancer

What needs to get done

We are working with a fantastic oncologist who understand the importance of eating the right foods for cancer (believe me this is a first). He has started on the project but we have agreed to work together - you can see what he has already created here: far he has created 4 dishes. I have now taken over organising the filming and am looking for someone to work with me to create some fantastic recipes we can put online for people with cancer.

How your contribution will help

Massively - getting easy to eat recipes to people with cancer is critical as the hospitals do not support his when they are giving conventional treatment. So the contribution means we can get this information out to people in a really visual way.

What you will get out of it

You will be part of a mini-revolution in getting more people understanding that it doesn't have to be too difficult to eat the right foods if you have cancer

About Yes to Life

London, GB

Skill needed

Film and Motion Pictures



Hours needed

This project was completed by Joy Chiang! Woohoo!