Ovarian Cancer Awareness - Know the Abdo Code - Video

What needs to get done

GO Girls! Supporting Women with Gynae Cancers would like to make a short, snappy video (along the lines of the style of Geeky Medics at the intro) to support their campaign, Know your ABDO Code to raise awareness of ovarian cancer.

We would like it to be go live on our website and on You Tube and be shared on Twitter.

We are a small charity but growing rapidly in a sector that has notoriously not had much interest - women's health.

How your contribution will help

This will help enormously to ensure women and clinicians respond to the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Historically known as the "silent killer", there are symptoms and we need to generate awareness with this campaign.

What you will get out of it

All credits to the volunteer.

I have had to guess at hours as I have no idea how long a video takes to put together - sorry!

Again, I don't know if this can be done remotely. Website details below, but currently being updated.

About GO Girls! Supporting Women with Gynae Cancers

Upwey, GB

Skill needed

Film and Motion Pictures



Hours needed

This project was completed by L N and Evrim Akyilmaz! Woohoo!