PowerPoint Presentations - Completed by Alex Luyando (Such a great job!)

What needs to get done

Our HealingStrong™ Group Leaders use a curriculum the first year of their meetings. We need the lessons (12 of them) broken into PowerPoint presentations that will serve as a standardized PowerPoint for our group leaders. It is supplemental to lessons that cover supportive strategies such as diet, detoxification, supplementation, etc.

How your contribution will help

We have 70 HealingStrong™ groups meeting around U.S. and beyond. Many of our group leaders would like to use a PowerPoint presentation when they are presenting the content to their participants. Standardizing a base PPT will simplify their time and efforts and also keep the content and branding of the organization consistent.

What you will get out of it

Satisfaction knowing that your work will go out world-wide and be a blessing to group leaders whose time and skillset can be limited in creating a PPT document. HealingStrong™ groups reach a combined 1,000 participants a month and those individuals are receiving hope and help with strategies that empower them to heal strong and stay strong.

About HealingStrong™

Cumming, US

Skill needed

Graphic Design



Hours needed

This project was completed by Jennifer Prouty, Alex Luyando, Eric Stone, and Amesha Gerald! Woohoo!