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Marketing Guru needed

What needs to get done

Chemogiftbags requires someone whos a knowledge of Marketing and Advertising in all areas.

We require you to make decisions and keep to dead lines. Its vital that you keep us posted on what you are doing and communicate and finish what you set out to accomplish.If chosen you will have the knowledge in knowing you have created our 1st marketing and advertising campaign.

If successful will go onto our website.

It has to stand out from the crowd and get our message over what the charity do

How your contribution will help

You will help by taking pressure of the founder and allow them time for other matters that the charity has commitments with.

Chemogiftbags will then have someone they can refer to when applicable and able to work with on other projects.

You will be bringing awareness of our charity and hopefully if marketed correctly allowing it to reach sponsors which we need.

What you will get out of it

The volunteer will get the knowledge that this will be the 1st marketing and advertising campaign the charity will of done, so its got to be excellent , and we will show the work on our social media sites. What an honour to be able to add such a project to your portfolio.

Also to let you know we are an award winning charity.

About Chemogiftbags

Reading, GB

Skill needed

Marketing & Advertising



Hours needed

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