Radio Show Database Development

What needs to get done

Yes to Life has a back catalogue of about two and a half years’ editions of the weekly Yes to Life Show, hosted on UK Health Radio. Currently there is no search facility for the shows and so much of the content requires time and effort to access. We require a listing to be created of all the shows in spreadsheet format to catalogue the show titles, guest names, bitlinks and relevant keywords for each show.

How your contribution will help

The purpose of creating this listing, which will be updated on a weekly basis, will be to provide access for the YTL staff to relevant content for use in social media. This will provide the ability to quickly find and link relevant content from the back catalogue to social media discussions to create a facility on the YTL website to search past shows by keyword to quickly find material relevant to a specific topic.

What you will get out of it

Being part of a team which is getting information from experts around the world out to people with cancer to give them a wider insight into their options.

About Yes to Life

London, GB

Skill needed




Hours needed

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