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Small Change Champion

What needs to get done

In this role, you would plan and coordinate the expansion of our collection tin network. You would take a proactive role in identifying and approaching local businesses and encouraging them to display a Breast Cancer Haven collection tin. You would be responsible for creating and keeping up to date a spreadsheet of the location of all collection tins, money raised from them, and the dates for emptying and replacing the tins. Furthermore, you would ensure all businesses were thanked.

How your contribution will help

It costs approximately £1,500 to provide the Breast Cancer Haven wellbeing programme for every visitor. We don’t receive any government funding for running our services, so we are entirely dependent on fundraising activities and donations. Our current small network of collection tins raises approximately £4,000 per year, but we know this figure would increase greatly with someone putting in valuable time and effort to grow our network. This is where you come in!

What you will get out of it

This is an ideal role for individuals who are looking for a very flexible volunteer role without a big time commitment, who want to make an impact and support our vital breast cancer support services. Even managing one tin in a local business to you would make an impact - that small change adds up quickly!

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General Volunteer



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