Graphic designer urgently needed

What needs to get done

We are looking for a graphic designer who can design a 29 page e-book that can also be used for printing. We have a sample e-book that we like and we will supply that to the designer together with all the images. We have a tight deadline of 6th April for the project to be completed. It depends on the designer but we estimate it will take 10 - 15 hours maximum to design the booklet. We will be very grateful for your support, so please pledge your hours!

About HealingStrong™

Cumming, US

Skill needed

Graphic Design

Application deadline

Mar 23, 2018 @ 8:59 pm



Hours needed

This project was completed by Zoe Adams, Saint Elysée Israël Gnakpo'V, and Nicola Kemp! Woohoo!