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Life & Legacy Filmography

What needs to get done

Capture/film a counselor guided 'interview' of patients with advanced and/or metastatic cancer whose death is impending for the Dempsey Centers Life and Legacy Reflections Projects. Link included for more info and concept of need.

Projects are generally the same per patient. Usually a 45-75 minute recording session. Then post editing; adding music/pics at volunteers own space and time. The finished piece is presented to patient/family within two weeks.

How your contribution will help

The experience of sharing life stories, reflecting on lessons learned and the values we’ve grown to hold most dear can be a profoundly powerful experience for anyone, but particularly for those living with advanced cancer.

exploring themes such as life history, one’s most cherished memories, deepest values, and lessons learned that one wishes to share with others.

What you will get out of it

A rich humbling, powerful experience and the ability to provide a healing opportunity for patients and their loved ones.


While using your skill of filming and editing these, our filmographers often find these sessions and work very fulfilling.

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Auburn,, US

Skill needed

Film and Motion Pictures


Lewiston, US

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