Title graphic for Cancer Support Group Ministry

What needs to get done

We need a title graphic that is 1440x810 and a thumbnail image, 320x320 that is the same designed graphic, just smaller specs. This is for a 7-day Bible study devotional that will live on Bible.com and the Bible app. It is a free devotional for anyone that downloads it. This is a very simple design project that should take no longer than an hour or 2 for any graphic designer. We have a few examples that can give some inspiration.

The Bible study is to be titled: Remember Me, Lord!

How your contribution will help

The volunteer's graphic skills will make this devotional stand out as we have no designers as volunteers. As we all know, if a title page is not well designed, it sometimes keeps people from actually downloading the study because of the poor quality of the graphic. Think how a book's cover will get interest. Same concept here.

What you will get out of it

The Volunteer will have their design work live on the Bible app and Bible.com for perpetuity for this plan title. We have already had 3500+ downloads of previous plans on the site. This site is used world-wide and is free to anyone. The designer will have an international audience. This devotional was written about desperate prayers in the Bible when people said, "Remember me". It's meant to inspire those praying for help with their greatest needs, illness, troubles, etc.

About HealingStrong™

Cumming, US

Skill needed

Graphic Design

Application deadline

Apr 8, 2019 @ 8:59 pm



Hours needed

This project was completed by Leah Batchelor! Woohoo!