10 Second Simple TV ad

What needs to get done

10 Second TV & Social Media Ad.

I am envisaging a blank screen with typewriter text appearing letter by letter as if typed ..

"Are you worried about Bladder Cancer?

Go to BladderCancer.org.au"

Then our logo appears

(Underneath logo in small text -" May is International Bladder Cancer Awareness Month." Appears simultaneoulsy with logo)

Typewriter text disappears (logo & text stay) and new message typed out

Thanks & respect to all our health professionals.


How your contribution will help

May is Bladder Cancer Awareness month and we have some free charity TV spots . We are trying to be sensitive to Covid-19 workers, but still give patients resource info.

What you will get out of it

Our thanks.

About Bladder Cancer Australia Charity Foundation

Docklands, AU

Skill needed

Media Production

Application deadline

Apr 17, 2020 @ 6:59 am



Hours needed

This project was completed by Madeleine EPPLE! Woohoo!