Ultimate Hike Coach - train hikers to trek 27 miles in one day!

What needs to get done

Tell children's cancer to take a hike! Phoenix coaches needed to lead a 12 week training program preparing hikers for a 27 mile hike on the PCT, & join as on-trail coaches hike weekend. Spread the word in your community, lead training hikes every other weekend,& check in with hikers in between. Hike weekend, you'll work w/ coaches from the other communities to help the entire group of hikers safely cross the finish line!

How your contribution will help

Each participating hiker raises funds for critical children's cancer research before completing the 27 mile hike. By providing a training program, our coaches make the program accessible to countless more hikers, increasing overall funds raised for lifesaving research.

What you will get out of it

Ultimate Hike is truly a life changing, lifesaving adventure! Coaches attend hike weekend for free - including two nights of lodging / meals / trail support. We just ask that you get yourself to the site. You'll also 1. join a network of outstanding leadership volunteers. 2. have a huge sense of accomplishment for helping hikers cross the finish line 3. Help save kids lives.

About CureSearch for Children's Cancer

Bethesda, US

Skill needed

General Volunteer

Application deadline

Sep 18, 2021 @ 9:59 pm


Many, US

Hours needed