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Volunteer Online Academic and Scientific Researcher

What needs to get done

Yes to Life is looking for volunteers to help manage our enormously important online directory Integrative Therapies for cancer. The Life Directory is maintained entirely by volunteers and the accuracy of the listings in this directory is crucial for cancer patients and their families. The integrative therapies for cancer include but are not limited to; functional medicine, nutritional therapy, oncothermia, hyperthermia, oxygen therapy, vitamin C therapy, medicinal herbs and mushrooms, and more.

How your contribution will help

We are looking for individuals with an academic or scientific background. You could be a PhD student, a postdoctoral research assistant, a higher education lecturer or similar. You will need to carry out online research in integrative cancer therapies and find evidence based scientific and academic articles, journals, reports and other publications in each therapy area. The findings must be referenced in line with the scientific citation format.

What you will get out of it

You will learn all about integrative medicine, wellbeing, lifestyle medicine as well as the knowledge that you are making a huge difference to a small charity. As a thank you, work references and Linkedin recommendations can be provided upon successful and timely completion of the work.

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