Simple Website Graphic for non-profit

What needs to get done

Hi! We need a graphic created for, a faith-based cancer support group. We need a 1440x810 graphic and then the same graphic as a 320x320. We'd also like the same graphic in a large PSD file if we need it for a future E-book or something, but this website need is the primary reason.

Graphic to say:

God's Plan in the Waiting

Lessons from Joseph

It would also have our HealingStrong logo on it that we'll provide along with some background photo options.

How your contribution will help

HealingStrong is non-profit and we have no graphic artists on staff. This graphic will be the cover graphic for a free bible study on Here's an example of what an designer created for a different study for our organization:

What you will get out of it

The volunteer's graphic will be a part of a global Bible study that's on and free to anyone in the world. These studies encourage people in not only their physical healing of cancer but also spiritually and mentally.

About HealingStrong™

Cumming, US

Skill needed

Graphic Design

Application deadline

Apr 19, 2021 @ 8:59 pm



Hours needed