Radio Show Transcript Editor

What needs to get done

Yes to Life is looking for volunteers to help us manage our enormously important online radio shows of integrative medicine for cancer. We are looking for individuals who have experience proofreading and correcting draft versions of audio transcription. Draft transcriptions of our one-hour radio show recordings are created using an online transcription software. Editors will receive a draft transcript each week, then listen to the corresponding audio recording, while proofreading and correcting.

How your contribution will help

Typical editing includes correcting speakers who were misidentified, correcting the accuracy of words spoken, punctuation, formatting, removing informal words and language, and generally improving the quality of readability.

• You must have absolutely excellent command of English usage, grammar and punctuation

• You must have a good ear and able to decipher different voices/accents

• You must be able to produce a transcript that is 100% accurate at a magazine quality.

What you will get out of it

Volunteers need to have a working computer, a good wifi connection and Microsoft Word. Each transcript will take around 2-3 hours to edit so each pledge here is worth 3 hours. Your name will be credited as the Literary Transcript Editor on the published web page.

About Yes to Life

London, GB

Skill needed

Writing and Editing



Hours needed

This project was completed by Maria Mellor! Woohoo!