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Geneva, CH


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Susan Spring

About me


I've been travelling and working for various organisations in India and Tanzania for the past 3 months, I've also been working as a photographer for the odd little job and will be a travel photographer for a big part of next year. I will also be starting university in psychology or journalism next october (2015) and tried to start up my own business in film and teaching critical thinking through film, last two years but it was not my passion and therefore I did not work hard enough to keep it going. I have also been writing my own book about meaning of life (mainly logo therapy and psychology). Overall I am a 20 year old girl bilingual (english/french) who's passion in life a mix of photography, psychology and writing. I would like to help out as well I can do and just need to fix when. I am currently in Tanzania and won't be back till the beginning of next year.

Best regards

Susie Spring