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jodie blackwell
Photography Student

About me

Jodie Fern Blackwell

Documentary and Lifestyle Photographer

07796 711 014

I am passionate freelance documentary and lifestyle photographer currently studying in the third year of my BA (Hons) Photography degree at Leeds College of Art. This course has allowed me to improve a variety of skills within the studio and on location and has allowed me to understand the context of photography. On top of this, one-day briefs have forced me to respond creatively to different situations and encouraged me to think critically.

I have a very comprehensive understanding of 35mm film photography, as well as both Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras. I have a lot of experience in photographing events but mainly specialise and thoroughly enjoy creative lifestyle projects.


• A Grade in A level Photography

• B Grade in A level Art and Design

• B Grade in A level Business Studies

• Currently in the process of finishing my BA (Hons) Photography course, on target to achieve a 1st class honours.


• Student ambassador and photographer for Leeds College of Art creative network events. This has included photographing the opening of the exhibition ‘what is luxury?’ based in the Louis Vuitton store in Leeds.

• Collaborations with other students such as Graphics student Laura Tomlinson, resulting in a Food and culture magazine focusing on Leeds.

• Commissioned by a music student, Alfie Mole to produce an album cover and artwork based on his concepts.

• 2012-present day working as a catering assistant at Hatton Country World, one of the UK’s most popular attractions. This job has provided me with thorough customer service workshops, improving my communication skills and forcing me to be adaptable to different situations. My day-to-day duties including supervising the restaurant and working with a team of colleagues.


• Selected for the ‘Beautiful beauty broken broke’ art exhibition at St Georges church in Leeds, 25th-28th February 2015

• Work displayed in the Mosaic café end of year exhibition in May 2014