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Together Against Cancer

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Graphic DesignWe would love a talented graphic designer to help us create a recipe book, just a few select healthy…10
Public RelationsWrite up to 300 words to reflect what our charity does and benefit to users.…6
Design1. A4 Poster to be designed for our Annual Conference (for printing and social media) 2. Small Leafl…15
Graphic DesignArtwork for printing on large boards for display in our new centre Artwork for main sign for displa…5
Graphic DesignDesign a poster and A5 leaflet which we can use to publicize the launch of our new Education and Wel…3
DesignWe have the words, but would like a talented designer to put them into a lovely colourful booklet, w…5
Graphic DesignCan you help to make our 1st Birthday Party celebrations for our Education and Wellness Centre a gre…3
Graphic DesignWe need a colourful and engaging flyer for our Spring Wellness Show…2
Graphic DesignUpdating our current sponsorship form so it both looks more professional and easy to use. …3
Writing and EditingWe have a leaflet template that is designed to be printed and tri-folded for enclosing in an envelop…6