Re formatting our legacy leaflet

What needs to get done

We have a leaflet template that is designed to be printed and tri-folded for enclosing in an envelope with a letter.

Due to a change in our printing suppliers, we now require the flyer to be reformatted so that it will be printed and read in an A4 profile format, ideally with all the content on one side, to help reduce printing costs.

The current file is available in PDF format

How your contribution will help

At the moment we are not able to send out these leaflets, which over time can lead to an income for the charity.

We are not sure if the 6 hours suggested is too much or too little...

What you will get out of it

1. Feel good about helping others (by saving us money we can allocate the funds to help those registered with us) , plus this is something we do not have the skills to complete ourselves.

2. You will be supporting a cancer charity that is passionate about helping and supporting people

3. You can use the design as part of your portfolio

4. We will say a big thank you via our social media channels.

Thank you for taking the time to read our request :-)

About Together Against Cancer

Leicester, GB

Skill needed

Writing and Editing



Hours needed

This project was completed by Sana Khan! Woohoo!