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Cancer Charity4 Life Inc.

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The Vision of Cancer Charity4Life will be a major catalyst of giving hope to each other by collectively fighting sarcoma cancer through our commitment to funding research and finding a cure. With sarcoma cancer being very rare and less than 1% of all cancers affecting a population of 12,000-14,000 a year, awareness is crucial for proper diagnosis thought education GP, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, PT and many providers. It is misunderstood, misdiagnosed to to lack of awareness and lack of funding from our federal government. Majority off funding if not almost all is raised through private sectors. We need to make enough noise, raising enough awareness to be recognized on a national level by our federal government. Saving a life is saving a life. No effective treatments once it metastasis is most subtypes. Sarcoma soft tissue and bone and join have 70+ subtypes within our population and approx 20% are children.