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Our non-profit receives $10,000 a month to advertise different campaigns through Google-Adwords. I have done a little of this in the past, but have no idea what I am really doing and how to target audiences and be affective with using this gift they have given us to draw donors to our cause. Year End is coming up and was hoping I might get some assistance in setting up some campaigns. IT is very challenging for our charity.

How your contribution will help

We are a new charity and your skills and talents can help us greatly to draw donors to our website and want to give to rare cancer that is hiding in the shadows that receives no federal funding and private sectors are the ones who fund sarcoma research. You can make a difference in saving lives and giving others HOPE with your skills and talents. Volunteer's are the only way we will be able to be successful leading donor's to give to research and finding effective treatments for a cancer rare.

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Great experience

Opportunity to expand your portfolio

Ability to help young and dynamic cancer charity

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