Logo Creation Contest!!

What needs to get done

Update: 06/23/2016 - the deadline was wrong.

We are relaunching the CancerQuest website and creating new brochures and other media to go along with that. We currently have a logo, but NOW is the time to see if we can find something better. Can you design a better one for us??

We are going to accept EVERYONE who pledges! We'll pick our favorite design, and the winner will receive an Amazon gift card.

If you have any questions about CancerQuest or our work, please feel free to contact me.

How your contribution will help

Our site is fully vetted scientifically, but lacks a well known 'brand' aspect. A well designed, and easily recognized logo can go a long way to getting us more name recognition.

What you will get out of it

Designing the CancerQuest logo will clearly bring worldwide fame and (probably) fortune.

Our site is visited by millions of people every year, so that means your logo will be seen by twice that many eyes. Not to mention the brochures, and the lives you will have made easier. And there IS the gift card...

About CancerQuest

Atlanta, US