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Direct Mail Reboot!

What needs to get done

We need to update our direct mail member renewal and appeal letters. We inherited an old exec director's direct mail program and it's way out of date. The members are getting confused about which letters are for membership renewal and which are for donations.

We need a direct mail professional to take a fresh look at our letters, format, timing and ask to help us increase donations and to make it more clear to our members what is a renewal and what is a donation.

How your contribution will help

We are just meeting our budget and we need to increase donations so that we can offer more programs and education about DES. In addition to our existing member benefits of newsletter, doctor lists and more, we are starting a peer-to-peer counseling program, a workshop at a group of colleges and are lobbying for doctors to inquire about DES exposure on medical forms.

What you will get out of it

Your work will help find more DES exposed people. They need to know so they can get the medical screening they need. If we can afford the college workshop (funded by donations) we'll educate students about the health reproductive rights violations so they won't happen again. We fight back! You will help people get and stay healthy. Ask you mother (or grandmother) if she was given DES in pregnancy - it could save your health!

About DES Action

New York , US

Skill needed

Writing and Editing



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